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These wooly bags are inspired by the sheeps bobbly bodies when seen from a distance amoungst the land- scape. They are hand-crocheted with optional sheep ear tags. Any colours used are naturally dyed. 


The bags are customizable with size, length of straps and colours too. Prices vary depending on customer order.

"baibailín bán"

Only 1 left in stock
  • This hand crocheted bag is inspired by the beautiful sheep around the west of Ireland. The name “baibailIn bán” means white bobble as gaelige, just as their wool in flocks looks like little white bobbles amougnst the landscape. This bag is made from 100% Irish wool, from the only native breed of sheep in Ireland.

    Kerr (care) Instructions : Hand wash only at 30°c with mild detergent.
    Do Not tumble dry, air dry only. Support the bag when drying to help keep shape. Do not iron.

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