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Amy Kerr is a Textile Designer based in Kildare. She received her BA(HONS) for Textile and Surface Design in the National College of Art and Design in 2021. Her speciality is constructed textiles, focusing on woven textiles and the innovative collaboration between craft and technology for both fashion and interiors. Amy's graduate project '(s/b)ee, the alternative' has won numerous awards both nationally and internationally including the RDS Craft Awards 2022.

Her work is driven by nature and biomimetic processes and she is very interested in applying new, experimental and unconventional processes and materials to more traditional crafts. One of the most important parts of Amy’s work is sustainability and it is vital in her way of thinking, living and designing. Amy hopes to encourage people and make big changes within the fashion and textile industry to help it move towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly industry. 

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