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Transparency is key

AK Textiles is a brand that focuses on sustainable, ethical design and production. In order to help achieve this and to encourage conscious shopping, I am giving full transparency to all my suppliers, materials and companies used in the production of my products. A transparent supply chain allows my brand to keep an open and honest relationship with my customers and helps educate people on the journey and process of these hand crafted products.

Numerous hours of research and sourcing has gone into these products with the hope to try and change peoples attitude and approach to shopping. It is vital in todays world and particularly the textiles and fashion industry that positive sustainable and ethical changes are made in order for us to move towards a society that puts people and the planet first.

Below there are  buttons that will lead you to the transparent supply chain for the two different collections I have created.  The journey of all the different products I have made are there. As more products and collections are created more will be added to this.

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