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'(s/b)ee, the alternative'

'See the alternative, Bee the alternative' 

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Final collection glowing in dark .jpg

‘(s/b)ee, the alternative’

see the alternative bee the alternative

This collection is inspired by bees, their incredible UV vision and their importance to our eco system. ‘(s/b)ee, the alternative’ was driven by the innovative process of combining craft with technology. Through the exploration of a range of 3D technologies and methodologies, I have utilised various techniques which have been unconventionally applied to the construction of textiles and versatile materials to create three dimensional surfaces. By doing so, I aim to convey an alternative sense of reality to help alter and change the perception of the viewer. I invite my audience to a new world as seen through the eyes of a bee, which I have created though optical effects within my textiles which react to light and movement. Through the use of phosphorescent pigments, material experimentation and research, this collection reacts, reflects, absorbs and emits light, giving the textiles ever-changing iridescent and luminescent glowing qualities.

As a result, I hope we can ‘(s/b)ee, the alternative’.




"(s/b)ee, the alternative" IN YOUR HOME

‘(s/b)ee, the alternative’ has been developed and re-created to be apart of your space. This award winning collection of hand woven textiles is now available as contemporary pieces of framed art. Each artwork is 8 X 10 or 8 X 8 inches plus the frame, with a selection of UV reactive pieces available too. 


This is a limited edition collection of artworks with a small amount of stock. The yarns used throughought this collection are the remaining stock from the orginal collection. As they are not as sustainable as AK Textiles strives to be, they will not be purchased again so there is a very select amount made.  


These pieces have been handmade and designed in Ireland by Amy Kerr.

"(s/b)ee, the alternative" ACCESSORIES

“(s/b)ee, the alternative” has also inspired a collection of hand crocheted sustainab