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This iridescent yellow and purple piece of hand-woven textiles is inspired by bee’s incredible UV vision and fuzzy little bodies. Bee’s see yellow in UV light which is a different colour to how we would see it. It is a yellowish purple called “a bees purple”. Using a structure in which some of the threads could be cut, this piece has a soft and fuzzy texture just as the bees fuzzy bodies do and it also interacts with light giving it an ever-changing iridesecent hue of colours.


This piece is 8 X 8 inches, with the frame included.

"Buzz Fuzz"

Only 4 left in stock
  • Size : 8 X 8 inches excluding frame.

    Frame is included in the price and piece.

    If the piece collects any dust over time, use a small clean soft fluffy eye-shadow brush and gently dust the piece.

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