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“caora bhándearg” the pink sheep, is inspired by this pink wooly bum and her colourful stripe spray painted tag from the Galway sheep. It is made from 100% Irish wool, from the only native breed of sheep in Ireland. The colours seen are all dyed using natural dye from lac.


This piece is 12 x 16 inches, with the frame included.

“caora bhándearg” - pink sheep

Only 1 left in stock
  • Size : 12 X 16 inches excluding frame.

    Frame is included in the price and piece. 

    Kerr (care) Instructions : Handle this piece of woven art with kerr (care). This piece is hand woven using irish wool. Do not tug or pull at any threads within the piece. Keep in cool dry area. If the piece collects any dust over time, use a small clean soft fluffy eye-shadow brush and gently dust the piece.

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