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This hand woven piece of art is inspired by the beautiful landscape and scenery of the west of Ireland and the island of Inisbofin. This piece focuses on the warmer and lighter hues seen throughout the grass and land. Again sheep see these hues similarly to us. The structure of this woven artwork, is to symbolise the different directions of lines the grass goes and moves. The warp also has a gradient of two greens to depict the grass.This piece heas a small piece of Inisbofin woven into it, connecting us to our heritage and culture through authentic Irish bog cotton. The yarn used throughout the piece is a cotton certified by the G.O.T.S.


This piece is 6 x 24 inches, with the frame included.

“cnoic na hInis Bó Finne” - the hills of inisbofin

Only 1 left in stock
  • Size : 6 X 24 inches excluding frame.

    Frame is included in the price and piece. 

    Kerr (care) Instructions : Handle this piece of woven art with kerr (care). This piece is hand woven using eco-certified cotton and real Irish bog cotton woven into. Do not tug or pull at any threads or the bog cotton within the piece as the bog cotton is a fragile fiber. Keep in cool dry area. If the piece collects any dust over time, use a small clean soft fluffy eye-shadow brush and gently dust the piece.

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