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This is a UV (ultra violet) reactive piece of hand-woven textiles inspired by bee’s in- credible UV vision and the honeycomb structure. Using phosphorescent based materi- als, when this piece is charged with UV light is absorbs the light and changes in darkness. Glowing and emitting a bright green light.


This piece is 8 X 10 inches, with the frame included.

It also comes with a small UV light keychain.


Out of Stock
  • Size : 8 X 10 inches excluding frame.

    Frame is included in the price and piece.

    Leave in a room that allows a decent amount of sunlight in. The piece does not need to be in direct sunlight to charge but definitely near sunlight. The piece will charge over the day and as the sun goes down and its dark it will glow bright green. You can use the small UV light to charge it in small bursts to see the effect.

    If the piece collects any dust over time, use a small clean soft fluffy eye-shadow brush and gently dust the piece.

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