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This scarf is inspired by the bee’s waggle dance, this is a form of communication with eachother. They shake their bums and move in a figure of 8. Depending on the direction of the dance and figure of 8, they tell eachothre different pieces of information like the direction of pollen or danger.


Available in sizes : 120 x 30cm and custom.

"the waggle dance"

  • This scarf is inspired by the bee’s waggle dance. The scarf is made from 100% recycled polyester from post consumer waste and printed with water based inks and fixed with heat so there are no harsh chemicals. It is printed by the only Irish digitally printing company based in Co. Donegal "Pixalili".

    Kerr (care) Instructions : Hand wash only at 30°c with mild detergent. Do Not tumble dry, air dry only. Iron using low heat.

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